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Autosalon d’Elegnace currently the only licensed Zymol detailing center in Australia and New Zealand. We carry an extensive range of Zymol Waxes and detailing products to ensure that concours finish. Travelling the the United States, our staff have been personally trained by the founder of Zymol Charles Bennett in the methods and techniques in which the products were created.

Zymol products are totally unique in the way it protects your car from the elements. Unlike other products, Zymol beats nature, with nature. Using all natural products is what Zymol is about. Carnauba Wax, Cocoa Beans, Coconut Oils are just a few ingredients used in Zymol products. The advantage Zymöl products have over other products is that it is free from all silicones, Abrasives, chalks, and petrochemical solvents. This respect for nature is one the reasons why Zymol has such a prestigious name in the Automotive Car Care industry.

Zymol works with the high end supercars to ensure that their products are formulated and produced for that target market. Using up to 70% Carnauba (as opposed to 2% by volume of other manufacturers) Zymol ensures your car is always protected. Recently, Zymol has become endorsed by the Swiss car manufacturer Koenigsegg and UK car maker Aston Martin.

Autosalon d’Elegance is also the only licensed detailer in Australia to be the owners of the prestigious Zymol Royale Wax. Originally designed for the Bugatti Royale, this wax is the ultimate in car care.
If you want the best, only Zymol will do.
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